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ContentCory is a super simple, beautiful
and intuitive social media content calendar.

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Demo Video (Tutorial)

In this short video, we'll take you step by step through the main features of ContentCory.

You'll learn how to:

    Create, update and delete posts
    Add visuals, tags and notes
    Bring in your team members
    Save your post ideas

Adding posts is fast and easy

It's a breeze. Select your platforms & date, write copy, upload visuals and 'Add Post'.

Download exports of your posts

Easy download in PDF/Excel-format.

Drag and drop

Simply drag and drop to change a post's date.

Organise your content

Add tags to easily categorise posts.

Search your calendar

Find your posts quickly with keyword and tag search.

Made for teams

Bring in team members to manage content calendars together.

Leave a note

Make sure you and your team don’t lose sight of important details by adding notes.

Keep track of ideas

A handy idea box helps you to never lose an awesome idea for a post.

Trusted by hundreds of happy users

Simple Pricing

Go premium to get all the goodies.

Premium yearly

Best value, get one
month free every year!

$ 99 per year

Unlimited Calendars

Unlimited Users

PDF/Excel Exports

Extra platform icons

Premium monthly

Easily stop your
subscription at any time

$ 9 per month

Unlimited Calendars

Unlimited Users

PDF/Excel Exports

Extra platform icons

The "Free" plan is great to start taking control of your content today,
it has limited features with one calendar and one user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it schedule or publish posts?

ContentCory doesn't schedule or publish posts. It focusses on giving you a beautiful content overview and makes it super easy to organize your content by making it searchable, adding visuals, tags, notes, etc.

Is the Free Plan really free?

Yes - forever free! The free plan lets you manage one content calendar with one member.

How will I be charged on the Premium Plan?

You can choose to be charged monthly or yearly. You get one month free every year if you choose the yearly plan (so you pay $99 / year).

Can I easily stop my subscription?

Yes. You can stop your subscription yourself at any time just by logging in and changing your plan.